Interested in becoming an AMBASSADOR of Missing Children SA?

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Gaven Sinclair

In 2016 Gaven completed his 1st unsupported solo bike challenge, from Cape to Cairo, cycling across the African continent, totalling a distance of 10 038.19 km’s in 268 days. On average, he covered 100km’s per day, and up to 11 hours of pedalling each day.

Gaven is now embarking on his next great adventure #TheLongestTrailRun. This will be his 2nd unsupported solo challenge, solely by foot and covering a distance of 5 528.3 km’s, with the highest elevation point being 1 630 meters.

Gaven plans to start on the 1st September 2017, running through 5 countries and over 210 days! He will once again be representing Missing Children South Africa, as our ambassador, to raise awareness and much needed funding. If you can in any way assist Gaven, please feel free to contact him directly at
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