What to do when a person goes missing

  1. Complete the SAPS 55(A) form which can be found at your nearest South African Police Station. This will ensure that you have an official SAPS case number. MCSA by law, CANNOT process a request without an official SAPS case number.
  2. Fill in the form found below and ensure all the fields are filled in correctly.
  3. Keep Missing Children South Africa posted on any and all progress.

MCSA will begin with the case immediately once we have received the completed form.

We will remain in contact with the family and police, sharing any updates and developments on the case.

Please note that we are a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 067 095) and that our service is free.


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    The signature, full name and contact number of the parent/guardian or the person reporting the missing person must appear on this stamped OB/Circulation/Enquiry/Case Number.